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Consecutive Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs in Mechanical Engineering

With completion of the Bachelor’s / Master’s programs, the student will acquire a “Bachelor of Science” / “Master of Science” degree respectively. The most important information on the different programs can be found in the following.


valid from winter term 2016/17 valid from winter term 2008/09 Diploma Program


More Information

  • Application more

    The study-places for study-beginners in the Bachelor course in Mechanical Engineering are allocated only to the winter semester. Due to the great crowd into the Bachelor course in mechanical engineering an admission-limitation for the first semester was introduced. Deadline for the application is 15 July.
    The Master course in mechanical engineering begins to the winter semester and as well to the summer semester. Deadline for the winter term is the 30th September and for the summer term the 31 March.

    Students coming from other Universities can apply for admission to the winter semester and also to the summer semester. Applicants coming from a technological college/Academy or University for Applied Sciences and who have gone through an appropriate field of study can apply for admission in a higher term (also in the summer semester). The applicants will be classified on the basis of their performances. A limitation on admissions for higher terms could be introduced soon.Germans, foreigners with German college-maturity ("Bildungsinländer) and foreign applicants from a country  member of the European Union apply to the studies office of the university. The application is carried out online. The covering letter, the officially certificated copy of the high school diploma-certificate and if necessary other documents must be sent to the studies office. In addition the applicant has to fill out and mail the online form. The necessary documents are mentioned in the covering letter form. The address is: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Studierendenservice,  76131 Karlsruhe.

    Foreigners from states which do not belong to the European Union send their application in the same time period to the International Student Office of the KIT, Adenauerring 2, 76131 Karlsruhe. The application form is online available.
    All foreigners, who didn't acquire the college-maturity in Germany, must complete the German language examination for the university entrance (short-name: DSH). The examination-date is named in the admission-information. Applicants coming from German-speaking foreign countries (Luxembourg is considered like that) are freed from the DSH- examination.

  • Admission and enrolment more

    The studies office sends the admission for the Bachelor-course normally in July or beginning August. For the Master-course, an admission-information will be sent to you shortly after your application. In the admission-information, you will find the modalities for the enrolment including a registration-period and the deadline. Normally the enrolment happens by mail (Post). For your matriculation you have to send the admission-information, a passport-photo, the proof of a legal health insurance as well as a certificated copy of the personal identification card. In addition, the student administration contribution of € 60, 00, the administration contribution of € 40,00 and the tuition fees of 500,00 € have to be transferred. A personal appearance is demanded only by applicants from abroad.

  • Module Handbooks more

    The module handbooks describe the courses in detail. Please check out the German version for download.

  • Professional Internship more

    The Internship guidelines of the department recommend completing 6 weeks Basic Internship if possible before the beginning of the studies. However, this Basic Internship represents neither admittance nor an enrolment prerequisite. Furthermore, during the Bachelor and the Master studies a Specialized Internship (duration: 6 weeks each) has to be completed.

  • Selection procedure more

    At the moment there are 550 study-places for first-semesters (beginners) in the Bachelor course in Mechanical Engineering. 90% of the applicants are selected with performance criterions, 10% with their waiting time. As waiting time (waiting semesters) counts all half-years after the college-maturity in which one has not studied at a German university. They are calculated from the studies office. The performance criterions are:
    - The average-grade of the high school diploma (Max. 15 points)
    - The average from the high school diploma notes in mathematics, German, foreign language (besides Latin) and science (physics, chemistry, not biology) or technology (Max. 15 points)
    - A point-value for extracurricular performances, like professional education, occupational activity, accomplishment-prices or honorary offices (Max. 3 points).

    The three point-values are added up. The applicants with the highest scores are selected. A selection interview will be not carried out. In addition you have to enclose a motivation letter, in which the studies and occupation-wish will be explained (approx. 1 DIN A4 side). There are no points for it and it decides only in the case of tie. This selection procedure was carried out for the first time in the winter term 2007/2008. Over 2200 applications had come in for 620 study-places. The applicants had to reach for admittance less than 20 points.
    For admission in the Master course is required a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering whose fan canon corresponds to the competence portfolio of the KIT. Conclusions of other universities will be proofed on equivalence. An acknowledgment will eventually follow with the requirement that supplement performances have to be rendered. Students who don’t have their Bachelor certificate but they are shortly before their conclusion can apply for admittance with their study performances produced until this time. In this case the admission will be carried out under the condition of a successful Bachelor degree.

  • Beforehand-selection more

    We recommend all applicants who are completing their military service or a voluntary social or ecological year to apply for admission already during this time. If you get admittance and you can not begin your study you will have priority to the other applicants in the next procedure. Therefore you have to apply once more after the end of your service. You have to apply again for admission at the latest to the second application procedure (time period) following on the completion of the service otherwise the claim on beforehand-selection expires. This regulation is valid also for those, which care for a child under 18 years or an other member in need of care up to the duration of 3 years.

  • Equivalence of completed studies and examination-performances more

    Equivalence of completed studies and examination-performances at another German university (or equivalent education institution) are recognized without equivalence examination, i.e. the term counter keeps running. A registration into higher terms of the Bachelor course of studies is possible, as far as the respective class already exists, i.e. starting from October 2009 a beginning is possible in the third term, starting from October 2010 in the fifth term. Enrolments into higher terms can be carried out in the Diploma course of mechanical engineering. Pre-diplomas (Intermediate exams) are generally acknowledged. As far as the Pre-diploma examination had not included subjects which are component of the Pre-diploma examination at the KIT an acknowledgment with editions is possible. Studies and test performances which have been produced abroad must be documented in German or English. Under the circumstances a crediting of terms is possible. Study times and study and/or test achievements from courses of studies, which are not called mechanical engineering, are recognized, as far as the equivalence can be determined.

  • Further-qualification after the Bachelor course more

    The students with the Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering can apply for admission in the Master course in Mechanical Engineering. The university also offers the Master course of studies in Optics and Photonics, or Executive master courses for students with the Bachelor Degree. Further special Master's Degrees are projected.

  • Disclaimer notice regarding the information on this page more

    Legally binding is only the Study regulation ("Studien- und Prüfungsordnung" and the "Studienplan") published in German.