Examination Committees

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Each degree program has its own examination committee.

On this page you will find information on the examination committees for the Mechanical Engineering Bachelor and Master, and Mechanical Engineering (International) Bachelor degree programs.

Students of Materials Science and Materials Engineering (MatWerk) should contact the MatWerk examination committee, students of Mechatronics and Information Technology (MIT) should contact the MIT study program service.

What can we do for you?

There are many situations during your studies in which you might need to contact the  Examination Board for Maschinenbau and Mechanical Engineering (International). You can find out more about our tasks further down on this page.

Before you contact the Examination Board, you should seek advice from the InSL or the student council. You prepare an application/ a letter which you submit to the Examination Board. 

How do you submit an application/ a letter?

Some applications/ letters can be sent to us by e-mail. Please use your KIT e-mail address for sending any documents. As an example, applications for certain certificates (Studienverlauf, Bafög) as well as deadline extension of theses can be handed in  by e-mail.

Other applications need to be submitted in person during our office hours. Please make an appointment via the Wiwi-Portal.

Office hours Examination Committee Mechanical Engineering (International)

Appointments can be made via the Wiwi portal

Tuesday or thursday, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Get advice

If you need support in writing your application, the InSL and the student council will be happy to help you. The student council also provides information sheets on many applications with valuable tips on how to apply.

Antrag schreiben
Write application

Formulate your request in your application, and enclose supporting documents.

Sprechstunde PA
Submit application during consultation hours (only by appointment)

Some applications must be submitted in person at the PA's office hours. Below you will find further information.

Online einreichen
Submit application online

Many other applications can be submitted online, such as the extension of a thesis deadline, the recognition of achievements from abroad or a certificate of study progress. 

Please, always use your KIT e-mail address for contacting us.

You can reach the InSL at insl∂mach.kit.edu, the student representatives in the examination board at pa.mach∂fs-fmc.kit.edu and the MACH/ MEI examination board at pa∂mach.kit.edu.

Applications/ Letters to the Examination Council

Compensation for disadvantages
Deadline Extensions
Recognition of achievements

Examination boards are elected by the Faculty Council for the respective degree program. The examination board in the composition listed below was appointed for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Maschinenbau and Mechanical Engineering (International).

Title Name Position E-mail
cand. mach. Student member pa mach does-not-exist.fs-fcm kit edu
cand. mach. Student member pa mach does-not-exist.fs-fcm kit edu
cand. mach. Student member pa mach does-not-exist.fs-fcm kit edu
M.A. Scientific Staff pa does-not-exist.mach kit edu
Dipl.-Ing. Scientific Assistant pa does-not-exist.mach kit edu
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Chairman  
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Chairman