Exchange / Visiting Students


Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology!

The following information should help you to organize your studies as a visiting student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In case of any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the SCM.

We wish you an amazing time at the KIT, in Karlsruhe, and in Germany!


Exchange students starting their study at KIT in the summer term 2019 or later have to register at the portal "Campus Management External Link".


Modulangebot im Maschinenbau

Sommersemester 2020


Modules in Mechanical Engineering

Summer term 2020


Former versions are listed in the archives.

For study beginners until winter term 2018/19

At the end of your study at the KIT, you may receive, upon request, a Transcript of Records (ToR) with your grades. Therefore, all results of examinations and application forms have to be on hand at the SCM. This can take up to several weeks. Please send your request after your last exam per e-mail to the SCM. You can collect the Transcript of Records personally or it will be sent to the address declared by you.

Please notice that the ToR can only be issued once.


More information about exchange studies

Outgoing students:
If you have questions about your study or internship abroad, please see:

  • International Studies in Mechanical Engineering (ISIM)
  • International Students Office (IStO)
  • Go West, Go East, Go Out:
    A brochure about the possibilities of study abroad.


Incoming students: