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Dr.-Ing. Willy-Höfler Scholarship Program

Offering scholarships to mechanical engineering students who wish to do their dissertations abroad

The Dr.-Ing.Willy-Höfler-foundation offers scholarships to students who wish to do their degree dissertation at a foreign university that has the same level of academic standards like those at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT).This financial allowance covers the travel and living costs and up to 4,000 Euros may be awarded.

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Conditions for the scholarship grant:



  • One must be a mechanical engineering student at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT).
  • One student must be an above average performer who sat for his intermediate exams in a reasonable time.
  • One must have very excellent results in the preliminary examinations.
  • One must present a proof of admission at the university where the degree dissertation shall be done.
  • One must also have sufficient knowledge of the language of the host country.

The choice of the host county shall be done after consultations with the professors, the university- or private- lecturers at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT).There must be a guarantee that there are members of the teaching staff from the host university and another from your resident university faculty staff who will support you as you do your dissertation.



Application / Approval



Dr.-Ing. Willy-Höfler Scholarship applications shall be made to this address:

  • Dr.-Ing. Willy-Höfler-Stiftung
    c/o Dekanat der Fakultät für Maschinenbau
    Karlsruher Insitut für Technologie
    76128 Karlsruhe


The applications shall include all the supporting documents in addition with a curriculum-vitae. The application deadlines are January 31st for the following Summer semester and June 30th for the Winter semester.

The foundation’s board alone shall approve or deny the scholarship. Their decisions are final and they may not be appealed.

The applicant(s) who receive the scholarship will receive an official notification where the amount, conditions for financing and the prerequisites will be mentioned. The scholarship holder must make arrangements for the medical insurance abroad.



The scholarship funds are released in two halves. They shall be transferred to an account in a bank that is based in Germany. The account holder shall be the scholarship holder. The first half is released after the holder gives the bank details to the foundation. One is advised to do this four weeks before departure. A report on the dissertation progress shall be handed within 12 weeks into the scholarship program. A one page DIN A4 progress report is adequate. The second half shall be released after the entry and approval of this report.

A final two page DIN A4 final report shall be handed in by the holder to the foundation one month after completion. One shall indicate that this dissertation was funded by the Dr.-Ing.-Willy-Höfler-Scholarship program. Once the dissertation is handed in and graded, the holder is required to hand in a specimen copy. The acquired grade is also to be communicated to the foundation.