Guidelines on the Professional Internship in the Master Program in Mechanical Engineering

For study beginners before winter term 2016/2017


  The guidelines listed here base on the studies and exam regulations of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for the Master of Science program in Mechanical Engineering published on 9th September 2008.  


Duration of the Professional Internship

The internship for the Master program consists of the specialized internship that takes at least 6 weeks.


Contract with the Training Company

The internship contract is legally binding for the intern and for the training company. All rights and obligations of the trainees and the training establishment are fixed in the contract, also the nature and duration of the internship.



The internship is designed to teach students of mechanical engineering technical manufacturing methods. The basic internship shall create a practice orientation to the studies and the prerequisites for a good work with skilled workers. It differs therefore fundamentally from an apprenticeship.



The activities in the specialized internship can be chosen from the following areas:

  • Heat-treatment
  • Construction of tools and devices
  • Maintenance, service and repair
  • Measurement, testing, quality controls
  • Surface technology
  • Development, construction and production planning
  • Assembly / disassembling and
  • Other practical activities according to the area of specialization

The students should complete at least three areas successfully. Activities from the area of a skilled worker cannot be recognized for the specialized internship.


Recognition of the Internship

The following document must be presented for the recognition of the specialized internship:

  • Original certificate of the enterprise about the specialized internship, describing the type and length of activities.

The recognition of the internship is effected by the Internship Office of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Internship Office decides how far the practical activity complies with the internship regulations and therefore can be recognized as a professional internship.


Special Terms

Work and Vocational Training: Appropriate works which correspond with the requirements of the internship regulations are credited as the entirely professional internship of 12 week of duration. A professional education can be recognized, if it corresponds to the Study plan chapter 4.



The registration to the Master exam is only possible if the professional internship was recognized. For detailed description of the regulations please see the German site.