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Before your arrival


On this page, you will find the following information:

  1. Course Selection
  2. Learning Agreement
  3. Language Requirements
  4. Bachelor's and Master's Thesis
  5. General Questions


1. Course Selection

In principle, you are free to choose all courses out of the Bachelor and Master Study Programs which are suitable to your study plans and will be recognized at your home university. Nonetheless, please be aware that some of our courses - such as tutorials, labs or (block-) seminars – are admission-restricted with limited places. Therefore, it might be possible that you will not be granted access. Furthermore, in the Mechanical Engineering program you should select at least 70% of your courses out of the course offer of the KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering. You are free to complete your Learning Agreement with up to 30% courses of other KIT Departments (such as Economics and Management, Chemical, Electrical or Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences …), language courses or courses directed to general education.

We expect our incoming students to achieve at least 20–30 ECTS per semester, including language courses. (German; all other languages) or courses directed to general education offered at the KIT Centre for Cultural and General Studies ZAK and the House of Competences HOC.


Module handbooks

You will find an overview of all courses offered at the KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering in our module handbooks/course catalogues: 

Please concentrate on the Module Handbook for Exchange Students. You will find it at the very end of the linked homepage. All courses compiled at this Module Handbook for Exchange Students are registered in our Campus Management System. Consequently, you can apply online for the exams and you can print out your Transcripts of Records on your own as long as your KIT student account is valable (until 6 months after your exmatriculation).

Additionally, all courses taught in English are listed in these compilations of courses: sorted alphabetically and sorted thematically.

Furthermore, it might be helpful to consult the Lecture Translator of KIT, which offers simultaneous translations for some courses.

For information about the further course offer at the KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering you may consult the Module Handbooks for regular students:

  • Module Handbook for Bachelor students in Mechanical Engineering
  • Module handbook for Master students in Mechanical Engineering
  • Module handbook for Bachelor students in Material Sciences
  • Module handbook for Master students in Material Sciences 
  • Please note that the courses in Material Sciences are mainly hold in German.
  • Module Handbook for Bachelor Students in Mechatronics
  • Module Handbook for Master Students in Mechatronics
  • Students doing Mechatronics can also consider the lectures of the KIT Department of Electrical Engineering.


Caused by the module structure, the exams of some basic courses include the subject matter of the complete module (= winter and summer term). It is possible to take the exam each term, but if you stay for one term only, you have to acquire the course content of the missed term on your own. This concerns the following courses on Bachelor level:

  • Fluid Mechanics 1 (summer term) and Fluid Mechanics 2 (winter term)
  • Materials Sciences 1 (winter term) and Materials Sciences 2 (summer term)
    NB: since you have to pass an oral exam, it is possible to limit the exam of Material Sciences 1 on the subject matter of the winter term, but it is not possible to pass Material Sciences 2 without the knowledge of Material Sciences 1.

Moreover, some courses demand regular exercises during the term. This preliminary work is a precondition to get access to the exams and is spread over two terms. Thus, only exchange students staying at KIT for a complete academic year should attend these courses. This precondition applies to the following courses on Bachelor level:

  • Mechanical Design I (winter term) and Mechanical Design II (summer term)
  • Mechanical Design III (winter term) and Mechanical Design IV (summer term)
  • Mechanical Engineering III (winter term) and Mechanical Engineering IV (summer term)



The Carl-Benz-School /International Department is offering an international Bachelor study program in English with restricted admission. Please be aware that the participation in this English-taught program only offers limited access to exchange students. However, as an ERASMUS or oversea exchange student, you can try to apply for these courses starting with the number 3xxxx in our courses catalogues. As long as there are free places at the beginning of the term, it might be possible to enter them. The final decision will be made by the lecturer, thus we cannot guarantee your attendance in advance.


2. Learning Agreement

Please respect the following instructions for compiling your Learning Agreement:

  • Use the official Learning Agreement forms exclusively.
  • Mention the title as well as the ECTS points and the term of your courses.
  • It is absolutely mandatory to note the code number of your selected courses. We do not proceed Learning Agreements with missing code numbers!
  • Usually, you will find the amount of ECTS points per course in our course catalogues/module handbooks on the top of the course description, as well as information about the teaching language and the term in which the course will take place. Please do not look for the ECTS points in the “Vorlesungsverzeichnis”.


3. Language requirements

The KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering expects its incoming students to have good language skills.

  • If you intend to take German taught courses, we ask for a B1 Level in German.
  • If you succeed to complete your Learning Agreement with English taught courses only and/or if you intend to write your final thesis (Bachelor or Master) in English, we require a B2 Level in English.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend a good basic knowledge of German which simplifies your daily life in Karlsruhe (such as room hunting, shopping, social contacts etc.)


4. Bachelor's or Master's Thesis

In order to write a Bachelor's or Master's thesis during your stay at KIT you need to find a supervisor at the institute where you would like to do your thesis. Please note that you have to identify your topic as well as your supervisor on your own. Neither ISIM nor IStO will do this for you.

A list with all projects offered on BSc-Level and MSc-Level is available in our courses catalogues:

Another possibility to find a project is having a look on the homepages of our institutes, since normally the currently offered projects will be published there. Please choose the institute you are interested in, click on “Lehre und Studium”, “Lectures” or “Teaching” and then choose “Bachelor- / Master- / Studienarbeiten / Abschlussarbeiten…”

If you find an appropriate project, just write an e-mail to the contact person and ask about the conditions (language requirements, ECTS points etc.). Usually, you will receive 15 ECTS for BSc-projects and 30 ECTS for MSc-projects. As an exception, it is possible to adapt the workload of a project to the requirements of your home university. You have to discuss this with your KIT supervisor directly.

Please be aware that both your supervisor at KIT and the responsible person at your home university have to agree with your chosen project.


5. General Questions

Concerning all general questions about application, admission, accommodation, registration, orientation week etc. consult the homepage of our International Students Office.

ERASMUS Students:


or have a look at the ERASMUS Student handbook:


Oversea students:


or at the Oversea Student handbook: