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Andrea Morlock-Scherm
ISIM International studieren im Maschinenbau
Andrea Morlock-Scherm
Leitung ISIM

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Dienstag 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr und
Donnerstag von 10:00 bis 12:00 Uhr


Geb. 10.23, Zi. 706,
Kaiserstr. 12
76128 Karlsruhe

At the end of your stay


On this page, you will find information about:

  1. Prolongation of your stay
  2. Re-registration
  3. Exams
  4. Transcript of Records
  5. Contact persons


1. Prolongation of your stay

In principle, it is possible to extend your study stay abroad at KIT for one term, if you want to prolong your studies or if you intend to do a final project. However, your home university has to agree to this prolongation and you have to compile a new Learning Agreement for the additional period. Planning a thesis, you additionally need an approval of your supervisor.  

Attention: Since the winter term 2017/18 exchange students from third countries out of the EU/EEA will have to pay tuition fees from the third KIT semester onwards. Please look for detailed information at the ISTO homepage.


2.  Re-registration

All students staying for the whole academic year or prolonging their stay for a third semester have to re-register via Campus Management.
Re-enrollment is done via the student portal during the following periods:

  • 15.01. - 15.02. for the summer semester
  • 01.07. - 15.08. for the winter semester

Attention: you have to respect the deadlines for re-registration. Missing the date, you will be fined by 15€.

Without re-registration, you won’t be able to sign up for exams during the next semester.


3. Exams

3.1 Examination dates

Depending on the course, you have to pass a written or an oral exam. Usually, the exam period starts at the end of the lectures and lasts until the official start of the new term.

  • Winter term: mid-February to mid-April
  • Summer term: mid-July to mid-October

The exact dates depend on the lectures chosen and will only be known during the semester.
Please ask for the examination dates of your chosen courses in time!

A first provisional overview of the examination dates can be found at the website of the Mechanical Engineering’s student society.

The websites of the institutes will provide you with binding and recent information about the examination dates. Examination dates are absolutely binding!

If you need to leave KIT before the official examination date, you have to discuss the problem with your examiner. For justified exceptional cases the examiner can decide to prepone your exam. This exception is mainly granted for oral exams.

If you have to pass a written exam, it might be possible to do so at your home university after your return. This requires the agreement of both your examiner at KIT and the responsible person at your home university. Furthermore, your home university must assure that the exam is held at the same time and conditions as at KIT.

3.2 Application to the exams

You may apply online using the Campus Management System for all exams related to the module handbook for Exchange Students. You will find all necessary references how to do so in the tutorial

In case you cannot apply online using the Campus Management System because you have chosen a course out of another module handbook or even another KIT Department, please contact SCM directly: scm∂mach.kit.edu.

Concerning the application deadlines of your exams, please ask directly at the institute or have a look at the website of the appropriate institute.

3.3 Deregistration of an exam

If you will not be able to take your exam for particular reasons, it is absolutely mandatory to deregister in time. Otherwise you will fail the exam. Until the end of the official application deadline you can deregister online via Campus Management System, provided that you applied online. Usually, you may also deregister some days before the exam by passing personally at the institute. The very last possibility to deregister is contacting the person in charge of the exam at the lecture hall right before the exam starts.


4. Transcript of Records / Certificate of Proficiency

The results of your examination will be added to your student account as soon as possible after the end of the correction. Please be aware that correction and proof reading sometimes might take up to 6 to 8 weeks. But you may print out a (preliminary) version of your results (= Certificate of Proficiency) as soon as the first results are issued using online in the Campus Management System.

As soon as all marks are recorded, you can print out your final Transcript of Records. After your final deregistration of KIT, your Transcript of Records will be available online for another 6 months. Since it is automatically generated, there is a verification code instead of a signature.


Contact persons at the Department of Mechanical Engineering

For all academic questions concerning your courses, exams etc. ask the lecturers or their assistants. You will find the names and e-mail-addresses on the websites of the appropriate institutes.  

For all administrative questions ask

ISIM – International Studieren im Maschinenbau

Director: Andrea Morlock-Scherm; andrea.morlock-scherm∂kit.edu

Office hours: Di 14 – 16 Uhr; Do 10 – 12 h, Building 10.23, 7. OG, Room 706


SCM – Studierenden Center Maschinenbau

Director: Dr.-Ing. Rainer Schwarz; scm∂mach.kit.edu

Office hours: Mo – Do (Fr) 9:30 – 11.30 h; Building 10.91, 2. OG, Room 225


Student’s Council Mechanical Engineering


Office hours: Mo und Mi 12:30 – 14:30 h; Building 10.23, Room 107


For all remaining questions in exceptional situation you may address to the

Representative of the KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering for International Affairs:

Prof. Carsten Proppe; carsten.proppe∂kit.edu

Office hours: Mo 14 - 15 h, Building 10.23, 2. OG, Room 204


Presentation of the Welcome session for Incoming Students on 11.10.2017