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Andrea Morlock-Scherm
ISIM International studieren im Maschinenbau
Andrea Morlock-Scherm
Leitung ISIM

Tel. 0721/ 608 47716
E-Mail: andrea morlock-schermGvv6∂kit edu      


Dienstag 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr und
Donnerstag von 10:00 bis 12:00 Uhr


Geb. 10.23, Zi. 706,
Kaiserstr. 12
76128 Karlsruhe

Welcome at the KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering

First of all: thank you for your interest in studying at KIT. We will be pleased to welcome you at the KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Each year, we welcome many international exchange students participating in the teaching activities of the KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering. Students benefit from our exceptionally wide range of interdisciplinary course offers. They are completely free to design their study plans according to their interests and of course the demands of their home universities. A considerable number of courses is taught in English.

To gain a first impression of the variety of the KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering, its different study programs, the broad range of courses, the often interdisciplinary research fields, have a look on our Department's website and recent rankings.

We are happy to provide you with all the information you need in order to help you with your preparations. The following instructions are meant to simplify your study stay at our Department and will hopefully answer your questions.

Additionally, you may have a look on the presentation of the welcome session for Incoming Students which is offered at the beginning of each term. It aims to give an introduction to all internal procedures at our Department and to explain basic questions such as: How to find the lecture hall, how to apply for workshops, how to register for exams.


  • Before your arrival
    1. Course Selection
    2. Learning Agreement
    3. Language Requirements
    4. Bachelor or Master Thesis
    5. General Information
  • After your arrival
    1. Time schedule and lecture halls
    2. Application to the courses
    3. Language courses
      • Pre-semester language courses
      • German courses
      • All other languages
    4. Modification of the Learning Agreements
  • At the end of your stay
    1. Prolongation of your stay
    2. Re-registration
    3. Exams
    4. Transcript of Records
  • Contact persons at the Department of Mechanical Engineering