During the stay

Table of contents

On this page you will find information about:

  1. Timetable and venue
  2. Registration for the courses
  3. Language Courses
  4. Modification of the Learning Agreements


1. Timetable and Venue

You will find all information about where and when the lectures/courses etc. will take place in the current course catalogue or on the homepage of the institute offering the course.

For your first orientation on campus, please use the campus map.


2. Registration for the courses

Registration is not necessary for most courses or lectures. However, there are some tutorials, internships or block courses that require registration. These courses are announced by the lecturer during the first lecture. If you want to participate in one of these courses, you have to register online, either via ILIAS or via the Campus Management System.

ILIAS is an online learning platform that provides information about the courses, lecture notes or learning materials and offers discussion forums. ILIAS is also partly used to register for tutorials and workshops.

Here you will find explanations of the Campus Management System.

Please be aware that you can only use both portals once you are registered at KIT and have your student account.

Please also note that you must register for the examinations independently during the semester. For some courses, written confirmation from the lecturer is required. Therefore, you should take care of the confirmation as early as possible. You can find more detailed information on this under Tab: At the end of your stay, 3.2 Registration for exams. 

3. Language courses

3.1 Pre-semester Intensive Language Courses 

As an exchange student you have the possibility to participate in a three-week intensive German language course for beginners and advanced students (level A2 - B2). We strongly recommend that you take part in this course as it will refresh your language skills and facilitate your start in your studies.

Please note: these pre-semester courses do not replace the language certificates required for admission to the exchange programme.

The intensive courses always take place after the orientation week (O-Phase) and start about 3 weeks before the beginning of the semester. Information about the exact dates as well as registration information can be found in the letter accompanying the letter of admission, which will be sent to you by the International Students Office.

The course lasts 3 weeks, includes 4 lessons per day and costs 75 €. After successful completion of the exam you will usually receive 4 ECTS, provided you have attended at least 80% of the lessons.


3.2 German courses

The KIT Studienkolleg offers German courses during the semester. One German course per semester is free of charge, but unfortunately the number of places is limited - more detailed information.

Please note that these courses are in great demand. Therefore, you should register early if you want to participate (preferably on the day the registration portal opens).


3.3 All other languages

You can also register at the KIT Language Center for "foreign" language courses (e.g.: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish). One course is also free of charge here.

Please keep in mind that these courses are also in great demand and you must therefore register early. Here you will find more detailed information about the registration process.


4. Modification of the Learning Agreements

Experience has shown that most Learning Agreements have to be changed again once you are on site. Please decide within the first 4 - 6 weeks after the start of the lecture period which courses you want to cancel from your original Learning Agreement and which courses you want to replace them with. The KIT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering does not oblige its incoming students to take a certain number of ECTS, but as a non-binding guideline we recommend to take between 20 - 30 ECTS, including language courses and key qualifications.

Please use the official forms "During Mobility" for ERASMUS students and Overseas Departments for changes to the Learning Agreements. The official signature of the amended Learning Agreement can be obtained from ISIM, Geb. 10.23, Room 706. And - don't forget to send the changes to your home university after ISIM has signed them.