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Andrea Morlock-Scherm
ISIM International studieren im Maschinenbau
Andrea Morlock-Scherm
Leitung ISIM

Tel. 0721/ 608 47716
E-Mail: andrea morlock-schermVhj4∂kit edu      


Dienstag 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr und
Donnerstag von 10:00 bis 12:00 Uhr


Geb. 10.23, Zi. 706,
Kaiserstr. 12
76128 Karlsruhe

During your stay


On this page, you will find information about:

  1. Time schedule and lecture halls
  2. Application to the courses
  3. Language courses
  4. Modification of Learning Agreements


1. Time schedule and lecture halls

Detailed information on when and where the recently offered courses and lectures will take place can be found in our Vorlesungsverzeichnis/course catalogue or at the homepage of the institute offering the course. For first orientation on the campus consult: https://www.kit.edu/campusplan/


2. Application to the courses

Most of our courses and lectures do not require an application. However, there are some tutorials, labs, practical exercises or (block-) seminars you have to apply to. These courses are announced during the first lectures by the lecturer. If you like to participate in one of these courses, you have to sign up online using either the Campus Management (=students portal) or ILIAS.

ILIAS is an online-learning platform providing information about courses, lecture notes or learning materials. It serves information about the chosen courses as well as the learning materials such as power point slides, lecture notes, discussion forums. Furthermore, ILIAS can be used for online tests or for the registration for tutorials or workshops. Please note that you cannot use the portals Campus Management or ILIAS before your enrollment at KIT.

The deadlines for application are announced at the websites of the institutes offering the labs, workshops or tutorials.


3. Language courses

3.1. Pre-semester Language Courses

To allow a successful start to the semester, all exchange students are given the opportunity to participate in a three-week-long German language course (beginner and intermediate Level A2-B2). We highly recommend to attend these courses because of their intensive language preparation just before the start of your studies.

Please note: The pre-semester courses do not replace any language certificates necessary for application!

Usually, these courses follow the orientation week and start about three weeks before the lecture period. Information about the exact dates as well as the application modalities will be given in your admission letter by our International Students Office.

The course lasts three weeks, with 4 lessons/teaching hours a day and costs 75 €. Generally, 4 ECTS points will be awarded after passing the written exam, provided for at least 80% course participation/attendance.


3.2. German Courses

The KIT “Studienkolleg” offers German courses during the semester. These courses cost a small fee (between 160 to 220 €, according to the number of lessons) and unfortunately, the number of participants is limited. You can find more detailed information on http://www.stk.kit.edu/english/1161.php

Please keep in mind that the courses are very popular. If you like to participate in, you should register very early (if possible at the same day as registration opens).


3.3. All other languages

You can register for “foreign” language courses (such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Polish, Latin, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish) with the KIT Sprachenzentrum.

Please keep in mind that the courses are very popular. If you like to participate in, you should register very early (if possible at the same day as registration opens).

More information about when and how to register: http://www.spz.kit.edu/255.php


4. Modification of the Learning Agreements

As experience shows, most of the Learning Agreements have to be changed once you are on site. Please decide during the first 4–6 weeks after the beginning of the study period which courses you want to drop and how you intend to substitute them. The KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering does not oblige his incoming students to a fixed number of ECTS but as a non-binding guideline we propose to take about 20 to 30 ECTS/semester including language courses.

In order to record your changes please use the official forms: “During the Mobility” for ERASMUS students or Overseas. To get the official signature under your modified Learning Agreement please pass at ISIM, Geb. 10.23, Room 706. Don’t forget to return the changed and signed version to your home university.