Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

In the Bachelor's degree program in Mechanical Engineering a broad basic knowledge of the mathematical and scientific fields and the engineering disciplines related to mechanical engineering is imparted, which is subsequently deepened in specialized courses and applied to more complex topics.
The important fundamentals from the first four semesters later enable specialization in the topics of Mobility Systems, Computational Engineering, Intelligent Systems, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Applied Materials, and Human-Centered Product Development and Production. The bachelor's thesis is another opportunity to deepen a student's own interest. In addition, the program enables the development of interdisciplinary skills such as scientific work and teamwork, which is applied in a project. A professional internship is scheduled in the advanced studies. A preliminary internship is not expected.

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Why studying mechanical engineering?

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Special features

  • High teaching standards and high university ranking positions
  • Preparatory and support courses in the MINT college
  • Secured master's access
  • Insights into large-scale research and innovation foci
  • Good opportunities to work at institutes ("Hiwi-Jobs") and later on, if necessary, to do a doctorate
  • Large extracurricular offer (university groups, university sports, Studium Generale)
  • Student engineering groups (robot construction, racing car construction, engineering without borders...)
  • Support for business start-ups
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