Compensation of Disadvantages

Here you can find relevant information about compensation of disadvantages

The study and examination regulations of our degree programmes state that the needs of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses must be taken into account when designing and organizing their studies and examinations.

If, for example, students are unable to attend courses regularly or take assessments on time or in the required form, the examination board can approve exceptions to the usual regulations as compensation for disadvantages upon application.

To apply for compensation for disadvantages, please submit the following documents to the MACH/ MEI Examination Board:

  • An informal application stating what the impairment is and what measures would compensate for the resulting disadvantage,
  • proof of the existing impairment, for example in the form of a medical certificate.

Please make an appointment to submit the application in person.

The KIT representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses BBC can help you with the application and other questions.