Professional Internship in Materials Science and Engineering

In the Master's program in Materials Science and Engineering an internship has to be completed according to the respective study and examination regulations. The current curriculum provides information on the content, implementation and recognition of the professional internship.


The duration of the internship is at least 9 weeks. Absence days must be made up. Days of absence include vacation days and absence due to inability to work.


In order to ensure a sufficient breadth of practical professional training, evidence must be provided of activities in at least two different fields of work. The activities may be chosen from the following areas:

  • Materials development
  • Materials Testing / Quality Control
  • Materials Synthesis
  • Material selection in the product development process
  • Metallurgy / powder metallurgy
  • Original Forming Technology
  • Forming Technology
  • Surface Technology
  • Heat treatment - other materials-technical fields of activity (after consultation with the Internship Office of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering).

For students starting their studies from WS 2017/18 on please contact Dr. Patric Gruber. For recognition, students are required to submit their training contract and the internship certificate (original in each case). The internship certificate ("Praktikantenzeugnis") has to include the type of activities and the duration of the professional internship. Any days of absence must be noted.

Furthermore, a short report must be made and a short presentation given after the internship.

FAQ: Professional internship in the Master's program Materials Science and Engineering (MatWerk)
How long must the professional internship last?
In the Master's program MatWerk a 9-week internship is required according to the SPO of 2017.
What activities should be performed during the internship?
The curriculum contains a list of activities that can be used as a guide. All specialized internships must be engineering activities.
Where does the recognition of the internship take place?
The recognition of internships for students according to SPO of 2017 is carried out by the responsible persons of the study program.
What documents are required for the recognition of the internship?
For the recognition of the internship the following documents have to be submitted: the internship certificate and the internship contract as well as a confirmation of internship report and short presentation in original.