Mission Statement of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Excellence in Research, Teaching and Innovation
  • We research the methods, processes, and systems of mechanical engineering in a fundamentally focused and application-oriented way and occupy thereby a leading position in selected areas.


  • On the basis of sterling research, the faculty provides excellent teaching and strengthens the economic power of our area through a tangible contribution to innovation.


  • We offer broadly defined courses of studies and ensure thereby a comprehensive training in mechanical engineering.


  • We lead students to a highly-qualified German-language degree by offering in a consecutive study structure a fundamentally-oriented Bachelor’s and a subsequent Master’s degree built thereon. We rely thereby on individual teaching methods and an exemplary, highly-qualified teaching staff.


  • We increase internationality through the expansion of the English-language courses, international exchange programs and foreign residences for our students.


  • Together, the institutes of the faculty lead our ideas into innovations through an open and intensive cooperation with each other and our industry partners.


  • We promote free research and contribute thereby to the development of individual competences.


  • Our staff works in a theme-oriented way in the KIT-structures but identifies with the faculty through their affiliation.


  • As defined by the pillars of KIT, we develop further our networks in research, teaching and innovation and expand it nationally and internationally within the KIT.