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About the PhD student convent

Referring to § 38 (7) Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) Baden-Württemberg the PhD student convent represents the PhD students of the faculty of mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The convent advises the leading institutions and gives recommendations to certain affairs.

All PhD students that are accepted at the faculty of mechanical engineering at the KIT are members of the convent. The KIT-Senate agreed to the adjustment of decentraliced convents of the KIT-faculties. The first meeting of the convent took place 30.03.2015 to establish the internal rules of procedure and to elect the managing committee. The members of the managing committee officiate for two years.


Members of the managing committee

Florian Wirth, M.Sc. (chairman)
Alexander Naumann, M.Sc.
Philipp Weber, M.Sc.


Functions and goals

Contact point for all doctoral students of the faculty of mechanical engineering at the KIT, e.g. new PhD student statutes (Doctoral ordinance) Mechanical Engineering
Contact persons for PhD students, especially if problems occur
Representing the majority opinion of the PhD students to the university’s leading institutions



Twice a year the members of the managing committee will invite to a meeting of the PhD student convent of the department of mechanical engineering. Time and place will be announced here.

The meeting is closed to the public. All members of the PhD student convent of the department of mechanical engineering are eligible to participate, i.e. all doctoral candidates accepted by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at KIT (§ 38 (7) Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) Baden-Württemberg).

The last plenary meeting took place on December 12th 2019, April 28th 2021 and on September 8th 2021.


Please note: The grade limit of 1.5 in the new doctoral regulations (dated 27. June 2017) in §4 (1) to prove the above-average grade is not a mandatory exclusion criterion (cf. Section 4 (7), (8)). We recommend applicants to consult with your potentially supervising professor, for example in the context of the job interview.



All PhD students can send an e-mail to the active members of the PhD convent, when they have questions or ideas: doktorandenkonvent-mach does-not-exist.lists kit edu. When you want to take active part in the PhD convent, you can contact this address as well.

If you want to contact the managing committee exclusively, you can use: DKonvent does-not-exist.mach kit edu.    


Internal rules of procedure




Further informations

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