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Internship Regulations for the BSc/MSc Program in Mechanical Engineering

(for study beginners starting in winter term 2016/2017)

The regulations listed here are based on the studies and exam regulations of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for the Master Program in Mechanical Engineering, published on August 6th, 2015.

The guidelines are effective for the Bachelor Program as well.


Contents under the statute for the admission procedure of KIT

The admission to the Master Program of Mechanical Engineering requires at least 18 weeks of a professional internship: at least 12 weeks of a specialized internship and at most 6 weeks of a basic internship.

The activities in the basic internship can be chosen from the following manufacturing processes:

  • Machining
  • Forming
  • Primary shaping
  • Thermic joining and cutting

The students should complete at least three areas successfully.

The activities in the specialized internship can be chosen from the following areas:

  • Heat treatment
  • Construction of tools and devices
  • Maintenance, service and repair
  • Measurement, testing and quality controls
  • Surface technology
  • Development, construction and production planning
  • Assembly / disassembly planning
  • Other practical activities (projects) according to the area of specialization

The students should complete at least two areas successfully. Activities from the area of a skilled worker cannot be recognized for the specialized internship.

Qualification Goals: After completing the professional internship, students know the basics of organizational structure and process organization in industrial companies.


Recognition of the Internship

The following documents must be presented for the recognition of the professional internship:

  • Original certificate of the enterprise about the internship, describing the type and duration of the internship. Each activity must be clearly evident from the certificate
  • Enrollment certificate.

The internship is validated by the Internship Office of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Internship Office decides how far the practical activity complies with the internship regulations and if it can be recognized as a professional internship. In the event of any ambiguities, the contract and the report of the basic / specific intership (one page per week) may be required.

Absences during the internship must be made up. Absences include leave days and absence due to inability to work. Activities conducted on universities or comparable research facilities cannot be recognized as a professional internship.

In case the internship was completed before the enrollment, the proof has to be submitted during the first semester at KIT.


Internship Agreement

The internship contract is legally binding for the intern and for the company. All rights and obligations of the intern and the training establishment are fixed in the contract, also the type and duration of the internship.


Semester on leave of absence

The application for a semester on leave of absence has to be submitted before the planned internship. The qualification goals as well as the activities must be different than the scope of activity during previous internships.

The applications for a semester on leave of absence by Master students, who are in their 1st or 7th semester, will not be approved.



The submitted original documents need to be collected four weeks after the filing. Documents, which weren’t collected, will be destroyed after two years.