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Further information regarding the Bachelor's academic program (begin of study until WS 2008/2009) can be found on the FAQ-site of the Examination Board. If you have any doubts or more specific questions, please contact the SCM.


General Questions Concerning Internships



What does an internship certificate look like?

On the certificate, the contents of your activities should be elaborately described, and the certificate should formally be equivalent to a general vocational certificate (Intern status, duration).

Are there forms or samples of internship contracts from the internship office?



Does the company where I will complete my internship have to fulfill a minimum requirement of size or number of employees?

No, it has to be an apprenticeship company.


Can I apply for a semester on leave for the basic or specific internships?

No. This is possible only for a voluntary internship pertaining to the study objective.

Is it necessary to make up days of absence during the internship?


What are days of absence?

Days of absence include holidays and days  sickness.

Do public holidays count as days of absence?


I am planning to complete my internship overseas. Does the certificate have to be translated for recognition?

You can submit reports, certificates and contracts in German, English and French to the internship office.

Do I have to submit my documents personally to the internship office?

It is possible to submit your documents to the internship office through mail or through another person.

Can I entrust someone else with the collection of my recognition?

Yes. For privacy reasons, a certificate of authority must be issued. (Refer to next question)

How do I generate a certificate of authority in case I am unable to personally collect my documents?

Please write an email to the internship office (important: from your KIT-account) and state the name of the person who will pick up the documents and who should also then be able to prove his identity.

I have submitted my documents to the internship office for a while now. Nevertheless, my internship has yet to be recorded in my account. What should I do?

The registry of the internship occurs after the submission of recognition to the student service. Please contact the internship office.

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Internship Obligation Certificate



Where can I receive the internship obligation certificate?

At the internship office. For the certificate to be issued, a document (e.g. the internship contract) must be submitted (including the name and address of the company and the period in which the internship is planned).

I want to apply for an internship. Do I need an internship obligation certificate for that?

No. To apply, you can enclose an extract of the study and exam regulations of your academic program.

Why do the companies require a sample of an internship obligation certificate?

A voluntary internship and a mandatory internship are differentiated from each other based on labor law and factors concerning social security. If you are completing a mandatory internship, then this must be proven to you employer.

Can I obtain an issued copy of an internship obligation certificate for both the Bachelor's as well as the Master's academic programs as a single, combined certificate?

No. The certificate can only be issued separately for the current academic program enrolled.

Can an internship obligation certificate be issued for a second time?

Under special conditions, yes. You must prove that you have not completed the first intended internship. The certificate that has already been handed out must be returned to the international office in original form. Only then can a second certificate be issued.

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Basic Internship in the Academic Program of Mechanical Engineering



How is the recognition of the basic internship carried out?

The internship contract, the activity report and an internship report properly written according to the specifications (confirmed by the company) must be submitted to the internship office (in original form). Internships performed at a Technisches Gymnasium can also be handed in. If the requirements for recognition have been fulfilled, you will receive a written acknowledgement.

I have completed an apprenticeship before the beginning of my studies. Can this be recognized as my internship?

That depends on the apprenticeship. In some circumstances, this can be recognized as a complete professional internship (basic and specific internship) for the Bachelor's academic program. Please bring your documents to the internship office for verification.

Can practical activities performed at a Technical School be recognized as a basic internship?

Yes, if the requirements for recognition are fulfilled. Please bring your documents to the internship office for verification.

Which documents must I submit for the recognition of the internship I performed at the Technical School.

Please submit the time sheet of the practical activities issued by the school.

Are the practical activities performed at a Technical School automatically recognized as an internship during the application process?

No. Recognition can only be issued after successful enrollment at the university. Please bring your documents in original form to the internship office so that the extent of the recognition of your practical activities can be determined.

What is the difference between the basic and professional internship?

In the basic internship, the activities of a skilled worker (crafts, operational area) are to be learned and carried out. In the professional internship, the activities of an engineer (development, construction, planning) are to be performed.

Is there a list of all the companies with openings for basic internships?

No. Any training company that performs the manufacturing process according to the internship guidelines is eligible.

Which companies are suitable for basic internships?

All training companies in the field of mechanical engineering are suitable.

Can the basic internship be performed overseas?


In which form should the internship report be written?

It should correspond to a subjectively written weekly report. See also Examples of Reports.

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Professional Internship in the Academic Program of Mechanical Engineering



Can a professional internship performed while completing the Bachelor's degree be recognized for the Bachelor's as well as the Master's academic programs (also as a requierement)?

Yes, if the duration is at least 12 (respectively 18) weeks.


I would like to combine the professional internships for the Bachelor's and Master's academic programs. Do I need two certificates in order for the min. 12-week-internship to be recognized?

No. One certificate for the entire period is enough.


My 12-week-internship was already recognized in my Bachelor's academic program. Do I have to submit it again for the Master's academic program?

No. Please write an e-mail (important: from your KIT-account!) with a request to issue an acknowledgment of your internship for the Master's program.

Is it possible to upgrade a non-recognizable professional internship with an additional internship report?

No. An additional report does not compensate for deficiencies in duration, content and documentation.

I would like to complete my internship after I have completed the Master's thesis. Would that be at all possible?

The study and examination regulations prescribe the completion of the internship prior to the registration of the thesis. If you have any reason for doing other than the prescribed procedure, you must apply for a special permit from the board of examination. In any case, you should first come to the internship office to discuss the detailed procedure.

Where could I find a suitable professional internship?

For example here: Current vacancies for internships are published on the SCM website.

Can a professional activity be recognized as internship?

Yes, if this was conducted as an engineer (after graduation).

Can the entire professional internship be performed overseas?


Can professional internships completed at research institutions be recognized for the Bachelor's or Master's academic programs?

No. Professional internships completed at research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute, DLR, European Institute of Technology (EIT) etc. are unable to be recognized.


Which information should be included on the certificate of the professional internship?

It should be equivalent to a general vocational certificate. Important:  the contents of your activities should be elaborately described, The duration of the internship and the intern status should be apparent.

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Internship as requirement for the Master Program Mechanical Engineering



What kind of documents must be presented for the compliance of the requirement “professional internship”?

To comply with the requirement, the following documents have to be submitted at the internship office: the internship certificate including the kind and the length of the internship as well as the letter of admission.

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Professional Internship in the Master's Academic Program of Materials Science
and Engineering



How long must the duration of the professional internship be?

According to the Study and Exam Regulations, a 9-week internship is required (SPO 2011 resp. SPO 2017)

Which activities should be executed during the internship?

The Study Plan includes a list of all the activities which can serve as a guide. All professional internships must involve engineering activities.

How is the recognition of the internship carried out?

The recognition of internships are carried out by the internship office of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The Study and Exam Regulations
provides furthermore the template of a short internship report with a presentation.

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Professional Internship in the Master's Academic Program of Energy Engineering



How long must the internship in the Master's academic program of Energy Engineering be?

In the Master's academic program of Energy Engineering, a 6-week internship is required according to the study and exam regulations.

How many credit points does one recieve for the internship?

According to the Study and Exam Regulations, the professional internship is attributed with 8 credit points.

How is the recognition of the internship carried out?

The recognition of the internship is carried out by the internship office of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. For this purpose, it is required to submit both the internship contract and certificate in original form.

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