Professional Internship within the Bachelor’s Degree Program of Mechanical Engineering

For study beginners before winter term 2016/2017

The guidelines specified here are based on the Study and Exam Regulations (in German) - 2008 of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for the Bachelor’s degree program of Mechanical Engineering as well as the curriculum of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering for study beginners before winter term 2016/2017.


Duration of the Professional Internship

The duration of the entire professional internship must be at least 12 weeks: 6 weeks of basic internship and 6 weeks of specified internship. Absences during the internship must be made up. Absences include holidays and absence due to inability to work.

It is strongly recommended to complete the basic internship before studies because the first four semesters allow little room for it.


Internship Agreement

An educational contract, which is to be made between the company and the student, legally determines the terms and conditions of the internship. All the rights and responsibilities of the trainee and the training operation along as well as the type and duration of the internship are defined in the contract. The internship is considered as training in tertiary education which therefore makes the intern eligible for BAföG. The intern must contact the competent authorities at his place of residence for permission.


Finding Internship Positions

The internship office does not arrange internship positions. However, advertisements of internships in the industry are availabe on the SCM website. Sources of the interships are the employment agencies responsible for training area, the Chamber of Industry and Trade, internet job markets, etc.


Special Provisions

Professional occupation and vocational training: A professional training is recognized as far as it corresponds with the curriculum (see Chapter 4).


Internship of Conscripts at the German Armed Forces

A maximum of 6 weeks of the training period spent there can be credited as internship if the activities specified under section 4.1 of the study plan are carried out. All relevant reports and certificates (ATN and Maintenance Level) must be submitted to the internship office for recognition.


Practical Activities in Technical Secondary Schools

Practical training in technical secondary schools can be recognized according to the proven school hours. A maximum of 6 weeks (a corresponding 240 hours) can be credited as internship. For recognition, the student must provide proof from the school in which the practical lessons are listed by content and amount. A maximum of 2 weeks of practical trainings in the field of electrical engineering and those done at technical secondary schools with information technology profiles can be credited as internship.



The recognition of the professional internship (basic and specific internships) is carried out together and is the admission requirement for the last module examination. However, the documents required for the recognition of the basic internship should be provided to the internship office for verification soon after its completion.