Mechanical Engineering International Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

The Bachelor's degree program in Mechanical Engineering (International)  is specifically designed for foreign students with English language skills who wish to obtain a degree from a leading German technical university. After a 3-year program and appropriate credentials, students earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

The program takes place in cooperation with the Carl Benz School of Engineering. With small class sizes, on-campus housing, student support, and collaborations with industry partners, it is college-like in orientation.

More information

Detailed information on the program for students and prospective students

Carl Benz School of Engineering

Special features

  • Offer of an accompanying college program
  • High teaching standards and high university ranking positions
  • Secured master's access
  • Insights into large-scale research and innovation foci
  • Good opportunities to work at institutes ("Hiwi-jobs") and later on, if necessary, to do a doctorate
  • Large extracurricular offer (university groups, university sports, Studium Generale)
  • Student engineering groups (robot construction, racing car construction, engineering without borders...)
  • Support for business start-ups
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Study organization

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Study organization
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