Recognition of Academic Achievements

Recognition of Academic Achievements needs an application and is not an automatic process.

Fill in the Application Form for the Recognition of Academic Achievements .

Process and Instructions:

  1. The student fills in the upper part of the form and then hands the form over to the responsible  faculty representative.
  2. The faculty representative completes the form. After signing the form, the representative sends it to the faculty's Examination Office. The form should not be given to the student for submission.
  3. Once signed by the Examination Board, the form will be sent to the KIT Student Service where the recognition will be filed with the student's record.
  4. If the exam cannot be recognized, the student must be informed. Significant differences in the proficiency of the subject treated, either regarding the content or the requirements may be reasons for refusal. This information is imperative because, according to the Lisbon Convention, the burden of proof no longer lies with the student but with the university. The university will have to prove that the exams passed abroad cannot  be recognized as a result of substantial differences. The basic principle of the convention is that a recognition can only be denied if significant differences are identified. The evaluation of equivalence will be based on the specific learning objectives and competencies acquired.
  5. In order to be able to adequately assess the qualifications acquired abroad, sufficient information on the foreign qualification must be available. The applicant is responsible for submitting this information. The original institution involved in issuing the exam results will have to provide the information to the applicant or to the institution requesting the recognition within a reasonable time period. 


Information on the Recognition of an Unscheduled Course: 

If a course is to be recognized as an unscheduled course in its original title, an additional application must be submitted to the Examination Board in this case.